Graphics Projects

We design everything!
In our GQ IMAGE graphic studio, we create individual graphics not only for clothes, but also for vehicles, boats and all the advertisements you see outside the window. We also create graphics for the Internet and social media. Apart from the creation itself, we wrap cars and fishing boats.

Individual project of your team
If you do not find something you like among our generally available designs or you want your team to stand out at a fishing competition, write to us. We create an individual project just for you! We come up with the graphics together, then translate it into competition clothing and sew ready-made clothes. We guarantee that your project will not be copied to third parties. On an individual project, we can always do everything: indicated photos, logos, peronalization, etc. (It is important that the client has the appropriate consent of the companies that he wants to represent)

We wrap fishing boats
We create individual veneer projects for fishing boats. Here we do not create a general base of branding because we know that every customer wants his boat to be one of a kind and we offer this service! Our projects for fishing boats are each time a new look and a redrawn idea to change the image of the crypt. "How many can you draw the same fish?" - you ask. You can! And we try to make each of them have that something!

In addition to the graphics for the boat, we also offer wrapping. The graphics are transferred to foil, which is secured with a laminate that protects against weather conditions. We stick boats in Radom. This is where Wędkarskie Dyzajny has its headquarters and this is where the best boats leave!

More information and our projects can be found on our Facebook by searching @ WędkarskieDyzajny

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